That means “Welcome” in Tagalog and that is exactly the feeling you will get from this wonderful country, you will feel most welcome and experience the trip of a life time!

Many people have the travel bug and enjoy exploring new lands and looking for that perfect vacation away from home. And the dream vacation that most share is that once in a lifetime tropical location filled with exotic white sand beaches, opulent meals loaded with fun and adventure in a romantic and exciting destination. Bohol has all that and more!

However, before traveling to this tropical paradise you will want to have an Insider’s Guide to all the best places to eat, all the best places to stay as well as all the sights you will want to be sure not to miss.
The Philippines Insider - Bohol Travel Guide was written by me about a place I love. I have lived in the Philippines for close to 15 years and Bohol is one of my most favorite places to visit. When friends ask where’s the one place they should go when visiting here I always answer with no hesitation, “BOHOL!”
I wrote this guide after years of telling people where the best deals are and the best places to eat. In fact it was on a recent vacation in Bohol with a long time family friend after a week in Bohol traveling around and showing him the island like a native that he jokingly said, “You know Peter, you should write a book!”
At first I laughed but then after some thought and a little research looking at the available guides I saw that an Insider’s Guide to Bohol is exactly what was needed. All the other guides out there are just either out of date, have broken phone numbers or just are plain wrong and only cover a tenth of what there is to see and do here.

Introducing: Philippines Insider - Bohol Travel Guide

Bohol Insider

“Bohol offers an extraordinary kaleidoscope of experiences for all visitors…and this guide was my roadmap to fun and adventure!” - David S. Sacramento, CA



This is just some of what you’ll discover in this guide:

  • Book in this 6 month time frame to avoid as much rainfall as possible
  • Discover the Chocolate Hills in all their splendor…but only if you go during THIS time of year
  • 17 must-have items you better bring with you on your trip
  • Learn the ins and outs of Jeepneys, trikes, and taxis…and get around in ease and comfort
  • Pay attention to these 11 federal holidays…banks and shops are closed so plan accordingly
  • Why you shouldn’t bring Traveler’s checks…and what to use instead
  • How to get online while in Bohol, so you can stay connected to the outside world
  • Eating in Bohol can be a challenge…but not if you follow these guidelines and suggestions
  • Are tour packages right for you? Simple explanations of all available options will help you decide
  • Learn all about the famous Chocolate Hills…and why you can’t miss this astonishing attraction
  • Amaze yourself with insider knowledge about Tarsiers…and 5 must-know tips for viewing them
  • Learn the 3 important factors that determine where you will stay while visiting

Everything you need to know about Bohol is covered in thorough detail: general travel tips, transportation options, money issues, where to stay, where to dine, and tons of other information! This is your “one stop” complete guide, crammed with everything you must know to properly plan and enjoy your trip!



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Hey friend, my goal was to provide you with a 100% thorough travel guide…so that you can learn to love Bohol as much as I do. The price for this guide is low because I really and truly want to share the wonders of Bohol with you, my fellow traveler.
Happy Trails,

Peter Garant

Author of "Philippines Insider - Bohol Travel Guide"


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